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Neighbours’ Haz Devkar urged to leave Erinsborough as new character arrives

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amira devkar in neighbours


Neighbours’ Haz Devkar receives a plea to leave Erinsborough next week as he finally comes out of his coma.

Haz is currently in a serious condition in hospital after his ex-girlfriend Mackenzie Hargreaves accidentally ran him over.

Mackenzie has spent the past few weeks loyally at Haz’s side, but that all changes next week when Haz’s sister Amira arrives in town.

Amira isn’t impressed as she’s introduced to Mackenzie, realising that she’s the ex who put Haz in a coma. She responds by immediately restricting Mackenzie’s access to Haz.

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Mackenzie struggles to suddenly be shut out from Haz’s hospital room, so she seeks advice from Holly Hoyland over what to do next.

Holly encourages Mackenzie to stand her ground with Amira, so she returns to the hospital for a showdown.

As Mackenzie and Amira clash, they’re interrupted as Haz wakes up from his coma.

Amira doubles down on her harsh stance by telling Mackenzie that she’s still banned from seeing Haz. It turns out that Haz has other ideas when he asks to see Mackenzie.

amira devkar and mackenzie hargreaves in neighbours

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In a brief moment alone, Mackenzie tells Haz that she’s still processing the details of his troubling past but still has feelings for him.

Haz responds by declaring his love, but Amira interrupts before Mackenzie can properly react.

When Amira gets Haz by himself again, she informs him that their family want him to come home. Haz’s sister and parents are all in agreement that there’s nothing for him in Erinsborough anymore, but how will Haz respond?

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