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Neighbours’ Byron to be left devastated by news from Reece

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Neighbours has confirmed a sad split storyline for Byron Stone and Reece Sinclair.

Byron’s hopes for the future are crushed next week when Reece gets in touch to end their long-distance relationship.

Last month, Reece rushed back to the US following news that her father Conrad had suffered a stroke. Conrad died a short time afterwards, leaving Reece with the responsibility of overseeing his businesses.

The storyline was written in as The OC star Mischa Barton bowed out from Neighbours following a two-month guest stint as Reece.

byron stone and reece in neighbours

Byron optimistically believes that his romance with Reece still has a future, but there have already been tell-tale signs that she’s going cold on him.

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Next week, Byron books his trip to the US to catch up with Reece. His housemate Mackenzie Hargreaves becomes worried, sensing that Reece is no longer interested.

Mackenzie isn’t sure whether to voice her fears, but she feels compelled to speak up when Byron vows to stay in the States on a long-term basis.

Byron is hurt when Mackenzie questions whether Reece is on the same page. However, he soon realises that Mackenzie was right when Reece sends him a star chain necklace in the post.

mackenzie hargreaves and byron stone in neighbours

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The trinket is a break-up present from Reece, who no longer sees any future for them.

Heartbroken Byron turns to Mackenzie for comfort and they enjoy a boozy night out.

This leads to a heated moment between the two friends, but will they hook up?

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