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‘Bachelor’ Rachel Lindsay A Paid Actress?

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Rachel Lindsay became the first Black Bachelorette in Season 13, but before that, she was on Nick Viall’s Season of The Bachelor. ABC fans know she was an attorney, but is she also a paid actor? Read on to find out what they discovered.

Rachel Lindsay Was A Success Story But Lost Her Love, Bryan

Just about everyone raved about ABC casting the elegant attorney as The Bachelorette lead. They liked that she was intelligent and beautiful, and it was about time that some diversity happened in the Bachelor Nation franchise. She became engaged and married to her rose winner, Bryan Abasolo, a chiropractor, but sadly, it all fell apart, and there’s a bitter divorce going on.

Bryan Abaslolo and Rachel - Bachelor Nation - YouTube

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo seemed to live separate lives. While she worked as a special correspondent for Extra, it seemed that she dropped that when they started thinking about having children. She spent most of her time attending night events, and he spent most of his day running his clinic. Possibly, they just drifted apart. But was she busy acting as well?

Bachelor Fans Talk About The ABC Star Being A Paid Actress

On Reddit, a Bachelor fan shared a short reel that revealed a movie set and Rachel seemed to act as a journalist. In their caption, the OP said:

Rachel Lindsay was in the season 3 premiere of HBO’s Hacks…I looked up her imbd page and so far she’s been in 3 tv shows and 1 movie

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Rachel Lindsay, per IMDb, appeared in Made for Love as well. In 2021, fans who matched the HBO series saw that it was about people with chips in their brains that would make lovers have the best-ever marriages.

The ABC star also appeared in the Not Past It podcast series on Spotify with Host, Simone Polane. Most interesting, is that she appeared in a bigger role in the 2023 movie, Devil On My Doorstep. The Bachelorette alum played the role of Sloan, the manager of an influencer named Natasha. Chloe, a delivery person becomes obsessed with Natasha. The overall theme is to address the terrifying possibilities caused by stalking.

Most likely, filming a big role in a thriller would have taken Rachel Linsday away from home quite often. Bachelor fans chatted about the various shows for a bit, but they seemed more interested in watching Hack than any role that the ABC star previously played.

What are your thoughts about Rachel Lindsay being a paid actor? Did you know that she was in HBO’s comedy-drama, Hacks? She was also in Made For Love. Are you surprised that she also acted in the 2023 movie, Devil on My Doorstep? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Bachelor Nation news.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/
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