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Faith Martin Is ‘Bonded for Life’ With Gerry Turner — But Wouldn’t Date Him Again

Faith Martin Was Transparent With Feelings About The Golden Wedding Gerry Turner

The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner is a single man once again, but contestant Faith Martin is not looking to rekindle an old flame.

Martin, who was one of the last three contestants on the inaugural season of ABC’s reality show, said that she appreciated her time with Gerry but is happy to leave it in the past during a visit to the “Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour” podcast.

“I love Gerry. I thought there was something so different about him that I totally appreciated. Honestly speaking, we were pretty darn compatible in a lot of ways,” Martin said on the Monday, June 5, episode. “As much as I felt for him, my intuition would lead me to believe that it’s probably [for the best].”

“I think he really comes from an analytical side instead of leading his life with his heart, and that just doesn’t work for me,” Martin shared. “I feel like he made a decision out of the logical choice and not his heart. I lead my whole life with my heart.”

That clash between head and heart played out when Martin revealed that she would not be able to leave her Washington home for Turner. She said that she needed Turner to know up front that she’s “not a person that can see their kids twice a year.” Martin believes she would have made a long-distance relationship work were she in Turner’s shoes.

“I think if I was truly in love with someone, there is no amount of distance that would keep me away,” she shared.

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Martin believes that she and the contestants are all “bonded for life” regardless of the outcome.

“I’ll always be there. We had that shared experience, all of us did, so we’re bonded for life,” she said. “I think it’s important that we all do that, because wasn’t it honestly quite an adventure? For Leslie and me and Theresa too, I think it was even so much more intense.”

Martin’s eventual vows to season one winner Theresa Nist were decidedly less lifelong. Nist, 70, and Turner divorced in April just three months after their televised wedding ceremony. As Martin speculated, the ultimate issue came down to deciding who would have to leave their hometown. The pair revealed that they could not agree on a new home together and ultimately called it off.

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