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After The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Talked About Dating Again, His Ex-Wife Theresa Made A Big Announcement

The people of Bachelor Nation have very strong opinions when it comes to the contestants on their favorite reality dating shows, and Gerry Turner has apparently faced some “rage and cruelty” since he announced he was divorcing Theresa Nist, the woman he fell in love with on The Golden Bachelor. However, it would seem not everybody’s taking Theresa’s side, because apparently Gerry’s got quite a few women sliding into his DMs. The New Jersey resident is likely unbothered by the prospect of her ex-husband dating again, as she celebrates some big news — she’s going to be a grandmother again!

Gerry Turner Says Women Are Interested In Dating Him, But He’s Not Ready

The ink has dried on the paperwork that finalized the divorce between Gerry Turner and Theresa NIst, who split three months after tying the knot on national TV, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to get back out there just yet. The 72-year-old retiree previously said he is “definitely not” dating again, but apparently when that time comes, he’ll have plenty of options. The Golden Bachelor star spoke to TMZ.

Not only have women been sliding into his DMs after watching his journey on The Bachelor’s senior-centered spinoff, Gerry Turner said they’re approaching him in person to give him their numbers. While flattered by people’s boldness, he is allegedly cautious of the women who approach him — which is an understandable response given the fact that he’s fairly famous now. Gerry has reportedly accepted the phone numbers but not called to ask anyone out.

When he does decide to put himself out there again, don’t expect it to be on TV. Gerry Turner said he wants to meet someone organically and won’t even be on the apps to do so. We can assume he’s still looking for a pickleball partner, and this time around he said he wants to find a woman who lives in Indiana to hopefully avoid some of the issues that plagued his marriage to Theresa Nist. And speaking of Theresa …

Theresa Nist Announces She’s Going To Be A Grandmother Again

Dating is possibly the last thing on the mind of the financial services professional, who announced that her family is expanding. Theresa Nist’s daughter Jen Woolston is expecting her fourth child, as revealed in an Instagram post from The Golden Bachelor winner:

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The new baby will be Theresa Nist’s seventh grandchild, as she is already a grandma to six boys. Will she finally get a little girl to spoil? The baby’s gender wasn’t revealed in the social media post, so we’ll have to wait on that little nugget of information.

Theresa Nist hasn’t had the easiest few months either. Following the announcement of her and Gerry’s separation on Good Morning America, she was the subject of some unflattering tabloid photos and stories about arguments over cornfields. Even her wedding officiant and fellow Golden Bachelor housemate Susan Noles took Gerry’s side in the split, blaming Theresa for choosing not to quit her job and move away from her family. Could the new baby news have been one of the reasons she chose to stay?!

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