‘Sister Wives’: Truely Brown Shocks Fans with New Look (Pic)

Truely Brown Shocks Fans with New Look (Pic)

Sister Wives daughter Truely Brown surprised her family and fans over the weekend when she showed up at an engagement party honoring her sister Gwendlyn Brown and her fiancée Beatriz Queiroz with a new look.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown Makes an Entrance

Truely Brown, the youngest of the Sister Wives siblings, stole the show when she arrived at an engagement party for Gwendlyn and her partner Beatriz.

The party was held over the weekend. Her family was stunned to see that their little sister had made a huge transformation in her appearance since their last get-together.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown - Ysabel Brown - Mykelti Brown - Gwendlyn Brown

Brown Family Amused by Little Sister’s New Look

Sister Wives partygoers were stunned after seeing Truely’s extreme makeover. TLC viewers admit they were surprised to see the unexpected change.

However, the Browns found their little sister’s makeover amusing and couldn’t help but share the photo with their friends and fans. Ysabel Brown captioned one shot, “Literally so slay.” While Gwendlyn added that her sister was “serving edgy.”

Sister Wives: Christine Brown- Truely Brown - Ysabel Brown-Gwendlyn Brown - Mykelti Brown- Archer Padron -Ace Padron - Beatriz Queiroz

But some viewers couldn’t help but wonder what her dad Kody Brown thinks about his daughter’s recent makeover. Of course, this is a normal phase many young girls experience.

However, some feel it will give Kody one more thing about Christine to complain about. Fans may recall that in Season 17 of Sister Wives, Kody was unhappy with the idea of Christine relocating to Utah with his youngest child. So, they say they won’t be surprised if he has a few things to say.

Sister Wives: Is Truely the Coolest Sibling?

Truely is growing up. But this is not the first time she has dyed her hair. In 2020 she started the school year off rocking neon blue hair. So, showing off her independence and unique style is something that her family may need to become accustomed to.

The young woman will make many changes and discoveries about herself, some of which her parents may disagree with.

Reality news followers have noticed that since their move to Utah, the mother and daughter have a lot of fun together. Christine recently said she enjoys the silly, playful times she spends with her children. Truely has also convinced her mom into some pretty daring activities.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown

This includes the Wednesday Addams Dance With My Hands TikTok challenge. So, it appears that the youngest sister has not been the only one making changes since their move. So far, fans don’t know what Kody thinks about his little girl’s differences, but fans love it. One follower wrote, “I want to be 1% as cool as Truely.”


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