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Daisy Kent Says She’s Been on ‘Multiple Dates’ With 1 Person After ‘The Bachelor’

After Daisy Kent didn’t receive Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s final rose during the season 28 finale, she’s already dipped her toe back into the dating pool.

“I think I’m at such a good spot in my life, but I also think I did learn about myself a lot for the show, so no matter what, right now, I’m going to put myself first,” Daisy, 25, said during the Wednesday, April 11, episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast. “But yeah, I have gone on dates.”


After the confession, cohost Ashley Iaconetti pointed out that Daisy seemed “giddy” and “kind of giggly,” saying, “You’re definitely thinking of one person in your head.”


Playing coy, Daisy noted that she’s “interested to see where life goes.” When Ashley, 36, asked whether Daisy had been on “multiple dates with the same person,” Daisy confirmed that was true.

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As for whether she’d pursue a relationship, Daisy said, “I don’t know. You never know how time’s going to go, but I would say I’m happy right now, and it’s looking positive.”

Daisy added that dating has been a “learning curve” post show, especially when she feels like “everyone has input and something to say.”

After viewers watched Joey, 28, pop the question to Kelsey Anderson during the March finale episode, fans of Bachelor Nation widely believed the role would be passed down to Daisy or fellow season 28 contestant Maria Georgas. During the After the Final Rose episode, however, Daisy publicly declined the gig.

During her interview on “Almost Famous,” Daisy denied that her secret beau was the reason why she turned down the opportunity to be The Bachelorette.

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“I can actually say 100 percent that I made on my own before I ever wanted to think about anything with anyone else because I knew I was at this point in my life where I kind of had to be selfish and make a decision for me and what was going to be best for me,” Daisy said on Wednesday. “So I can say that decision definitely had nothing to do with my dating life right now.”


After the show, rumors swirled that Daisy was linked to The Bachelorette season 20 contestant John Henry, who was briefly engaged to his Bachelor in Paradise costar Kat Izzo. However, Daisy shut down the speculation.

“There’s this TikTok where you and John Henry are close on the couch and people are speculating that you’re dating,” Ashley said, to which Daisy quickly interjected to confirm she’s not dating the underwater welder.

When Ashley asked whether there is a member of Bachelor Nation that Daisy had her eye on, she replied, “I don’t know, not off the top of my head. I’m kind of just doing my thing right now, honestly.”


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